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Here are a list of all forms available:

Notary Public
Department of Social Services
Real Estate License
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Contractors State License Board
Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) Firearms Forms
Gambling related Insurance
Structural Pest Control, License, Certification, Permit Financial
Massage Therapist Legal


Criminal Record Review/Immigration/U.S. Citizenship/Visa Forms

Criminal Record Review - Personal Record Review / Background Check/Department of Justice California
Request for Live Scan Foreign Adoption or Personal Record Review - Form BCII 8016RR
Request Visa/Immigration Record Review - Form BCII 8016 (Live Scan)
Secretary of State Immigration Consultant
Citizenship/Foreign Adoption/Immigration/Letter of Good Conduct/Police Certificate/Student or Work Visa


Acupuncture Board: Acupuncture License
Board of Behavioral Sciences: Marriage and Family Therapist,  Clinical Social Worker,  Educational Psychologist.
Board of Optometry: Optometrist
Board of Occupational Therapy, DCA:
Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapist Assistant.
Dental Board of California - Dental License or Examination.
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
Hearing AID Dispensers Bureau: Hearing Aid Dispenser - License, Certification, Permit
Naturopathic Doctor
Registered Nurse - Endorsement (DOJ + FBI) - Original
Registered Nurse - Examination (DOJ + FBI)
Vocational Nurse or Psychiatric Technician - Original
Vocational Nurse - Psychiatric Technician - Permit Renewal
Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) or Home Health Aide (HHA)-Sample Form.
Use this Blank Form BCII 8016 for CNA or HHA and use above form for the guidelines.

Certified Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aide/Hemodialysis Technician Forms

BCII 8016 - Request for Live Scan Service
BCII 8016 SAMPLE - Sample for Certification of Nurse Assistants or Home Health Aides Request for Live Scan Service Applicant Submission
BCII 8016 SAMPLE - Sample for Licensee, Administrator, and Direct Care Staff of ICFDD, ICFDDN, ICFDDH Facilities Request for Live Scan Service Applicant Submission

Paramedic - Emergency Medical Services Authority
Pharmacists - Section 4050
Pharmacy Intern - Section 4015
Pharmacy Technician - Section 4015
Pharmacy Wholesaler - Section 4305.5
Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant
Physician and Surgeon
Medical Board of California (MBC)
-Physician and Surgeon, License, Certification, Permit - Licensing Form
Respiratory Care Practitioner
Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board
Veterinarian or Veterinary Technician
Veterinary Medical Board: Veterinarian/Veterinary Technician - License/Certification.

EMT-I: Emergency Medical Agency - EMS

EMT-I Certification - Riverside County EMS Agency - Live Scan Service request form.
EMT-I Certification - San Bernardino County Inland Counties Emergency Medical Agency (EMS Agency) - Live Scan Service request form.
OCEMSA Emergency Medical Technician - Orange County Emergency Medical Agency
EMT-I Certification -  Los Angeles County EMS EMT-I certification.
Emergency Medical Agency EMT-I Certification- Santa Barbara County
Emergency Medical Services Authority: Paramedic License - Type of Application EMT/PARAMED/MOB INT NURSE

Department of Social Services:

Trust Line Live Scan Form - Use this form to obtain Live Scan for the Dept. of Social Services Related services Like Trustline - A1157. 
CA Dept of Social Services - Use this form to obtain Live Scan for the Dept. of Social Services Related services  - LIC 9163.
LIC279: Application For a Family Child Care Home License


Applicant for Teacher Credential
California Commission on Teaching Credentialing
Department of Real Estate (DRE):
Real Estate - Live Scan for the Real Estate Salesperson License.

Department of Motor Vehicles

Ambulance Driver Certificate
Business Partner Automation Program/Registration Service Owner
Business Partner Automation Program/Dealer Owner
Business Partner Automation Program/Employee -i.e., Registration Service, Dealer, Automobile Club, Rental Car, Leasing Company employee.
Dealer License
Dismantler/Wrecker License
Distributor License
Distributor Representative License
Driving School Instructor License
Driving School Operator License
Driving School Owner License
Lesser/Retailer License
Manufacturer License -includes Remanufactures
Manufacturer Representative License
Registration Service License
Salesperson License
Transporter License
Traffic Violation School Owner License -includes Operator or Instructor
Vehicle Verifier Permit

Contractors State License Board

Contractors State License Board Information - You must bring the "Request for Live Scan Form" that you received from State License Board. We have the form for the "Request for Live Scan Form" but make sure you have your 11 Digit application number, if you do not have the form.
Home improvement Salesperson License - We have the form for the Home Improvement License. Please make sure you have your 11 Digit application number.

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS)

Alarm Company Operator License (pdf format)
Alarm Company Qualified Manager Certificate (pdf format)
Alarm Company Qualified Manager Certificate w/Firearm Permit
 (pdf format)
Alarm Agent Registration (pdf format)
Alarm Agent Registration w/Firearm Permit (pdf format)
Firearm Permit Locksmith Company License (pdf format)
Locksmith Company Employee Registration (pdf format)
Private Patrol Operator (pdf format)
Private Patrol Operator License w/Firearm Permit
 (pdf format)
Private Investigator License (pdf format)
Private Investigator License w/Firearm Permit 
(pdf format)
Proprietary Private Security Officer Registration (pdf format)
Repossession Agency License (pdf format)
Repossession Agency Qualified Manager Certificate (pdf format)
Repossession Agency Employee Registration (pdf format)
Security Guard Registration (pdf format)
Security Guard Registration w/Firearm Permit (pdf format)
Training Facility Firearm Certificate (pdf format)
Training Facility Baton Certificate
 (pdf format)
Training Instructor Baton Certificate
 (pdf format)
Training Instructor Firearm Certificate (pdf format)


DOJ Firearms Division - POST Certification
DOJ/Firearms Division - P.O.S.T. Certification (Non-Sponsored)
Entertainment Firearms Permit Application & Live Scan Form
Firearms Eligibility Cert- Firearm Eligibility Certification, Certificate of Eligibility, Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms.
Firearms Record Review Request for Live Scan Service
FD 030 Dangerous Weapons License/Permit Application and Live Scan Request Form


Gambling Card Room Key
Gambling Card Room Owner
Gambling Card Room Work Permit
Gambling Third Party
Tribal Gaming Key Employee
Tribal Gaming Vendor


California Department of Insurance: Live Scan Service Request (Applicant) LIC 442-39A (Rev. 09/2008) Form for Insurance service providers.
AGENTS & BROKERS: Producer Licensing Requirements

License Classes Listed in Alphabetical Order:

Viatical Settlement Licenses 


Certified Public Accountant - California CPA Certified Public Accountant License Live scan Fingerprinting form
Check Cashers Permit
Deferred Deposit Transaction Law License
Department of Corporations  -Broker-Dealer Certificate/Securities Agent Employment
Department of Corporations Finance Lender License
Escrow Agents License
Mortgage Banker License


California Bar Determination of Moral Character-Live Scan for the Attorney License in the State of CA.
Victim of Identity Theft-Identity Theft Live Scan Request form


Cemetery and Funeral Bureau
City of Chino - Massage Therapy/Outcall Massage  - Request for Live Scan Service Form.
Christian Athletic League, Riverside - Volunteer - Request for Live Scan Service Form.
Cal South - Non Profit Youth Organization Volunteer
Electronic Recording Delivery System (ERDS Program) - ERDS SEC ACCESS GC 27395
Professional Fiduciaries Bureau: Professional Fiduciary.

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